SoftLayer Servers For WHMCS

SoftLayer Servers For WHMCS will allow you to automate provisioning and management of bare metal servers directly via your WHMCS. The biggest advantages of the module are the possibility to overview and manage servers in the client area, as well as the possibility to monitor and assign SoftLayer Servers devices in the admin area.

Our product will let your customers view details of their dedicated servers, monitor bandwidth graphs and manage rDNS records. What is more, your clients will be enabled to remotely power on/off and reboot servers straight in your WHMCS client area. As an administrator you will be able to not only manage and supervise all servers in WHMCS admin area but also view detailed information backed by graphs presenting details of each one of them. Moreover, owing to an inbuilt SoftLayer Servers Control Panel addon you will be allowed to monitor, manage and assign all existing servers to your beloved customers.

SoftLayer Servers For WHMCS is a little command center at your fingertips that will help you extend your offer and resell dedicated servers to your clients via WHMCS. Choose our module and let your customers order and manage SoftLayer Servers servers without even leaving your website!

General Info

  • Supports Bare Metal Servers
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Supports PHP 7.1 Up To PHP 7.3
  • Supports WHMCS Template Six
  • Supports WHMCS V7.7 And Later
  • Supports WHMCS V7.9
  • One time payment
  • Lifetime + Update